O, Ye Wide Receiver of Forest Hills Road

TrĂ¼.ski the Transmitter
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#groceryrun #bikeback<~ those two words sound the same if you’re from Duval county #random….shout out to Primo!!!

Knee x Shoe

circa 1981: Jack was my best friend’s pet hare. He would eat Ms. Landy’s cucumbers and dig holes in her tulip bed when he got loose. One day he met Cleave’s cat, Jinx. -R.I.P., Jack.

Some things have to be believed before they can be seen

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My sixth grade teacher: Mrs. Kaydie. She loves fruit cups, scrabble and wears Doc Martens (even at church). She absolutely abhors bubble gum popping and tardiness. On Fridays she would make me roll the TV cart from the library to watch Reading Rainbow. #NOTREALLYTRU

JASPhoto amazing work!
‘Shorties n the 40’s’

Great Father’s Day gift from Gorgeous and Chad High Heezy!! #OXFORDWHITE #HARD2FIND #CHUCKYTEE #THANKYOU #GRINSBIG #STEPSOUT

I love working on my #craft


The flashing warning light at the top of the Capitol Records building spells out HOLLYWOOD in morse code.